Day 5 – Hula Hoop Aerobics – 7 Minute Workout

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Day 5 Hoop Aerobics

Join me for a 7 day hoop workout!
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Today I am using a dance hoop, adult size that I can comfortably spin on my waist.!/~/category/id=2245898&offset=0&sort=normal

Designed to improve your strength, coordination and fitness. We are doing 7 moves in 7 minutes for 7 days.

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Do this once as a warm up
Repeat for a workout
Or add all this week’s workouts together for a MEGA hoop workout

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9 thoughts on “Day 5 – Hula Hoop Aerobics – 7 Minute Workout

  1. Please make hoop aerobics into its own thing! that would be amazing! I would love to see more videos like this one :D

  2. Those exercises were exactly what I've been needing! Not too hard to where I can't do it, but hard enough to where it was a challenge. Thank you!!

  3. All are totally awesome.  Not only are they a great workout but they are also improving my hooping skills.  Really, thanks so much.

  4. I've been stacking the workouts as they're coming out so today I did 1 through 5 in order. I'm a sweaty happy mess now. By Tuesday I might be a puddle on the floor after all seven. 

  5. I just jumped in here on day 5.  First day of fun in my new sacred sanctuary room trying out my new tablet and new speaker system with this aerobics fun.  Thanks Deanne Love!  I'm going to now check out the previous videos….. might first quickly throw on some full on leg warmers and flash dance get up first… lol…  Love it!

  6. Wow, that was intense. I love the side, cross, side move. This is so much fun. <3 Thank you Deanne. 

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