20 thoughts on “Dream from the Lord blood moon black sun healthcare bill president

  1. Brother, I also had the same vision of governmental officials going door to door, arresting people for not participating. The Lord showed me that these officials looked human but were actually demons. The Lord showed me the day is coming when our only protection will be The Word Of God. Be Blessed!

  2. I had a dream about a wedding was about to happen the man he was prapare dinner lots of people were talkin. But I think the Lord trying to tell me sumtime

  3. Amen!!!!
    brother, I wished I knew how to private message you maybe tomorrow, about a dream a had Last week. I dream a lot, but this dream I AM going to pray about again tonight. The dream I AM talking about, was my FIRST dream about B.O. and I thought of it RIGHT WAY, when you was talking about this dream you had & said he was talking about the affordable care act, then his legs being turned out. I would really like to share with you, to see what you think. I will pray about it, will you aswell


  5. John ha gee told us how important these blood moons will be. Keep the faith. As followers of Christ we will be persecuted for Jesus sake but fear not its a fixed fight we will win the war. Jesus is coming as the lion of Judah. Hey Jesus was persecuted for us so we should stick to Jesus. They will ask u to renounce Jesus and take the mark. No way Jesus died for me so I will give my life for him and for the eternity in heaven.

  6. I do consider him a homosexual and against Israel as well. Lord Jesus have mercy on America and the world!

  7. It's a fearful thing to be the person designated to bring such changes leading up to the Rapture and the seven year trib. I think he is the one. I pray he finishes the race God planned for him. I worship Jesus Christ and have a relationship with Him. Jesus is as important to me as the air I breath, He is my life. I love You Jesus. I will not be afraid of him Lord Jesus!

  8. Amen I'm saying that the healthcare bill is leading up to the RFID chip & once you accept it yes it's the mark of beast

  9. MrBoldsoljah4christ, I'm a little confused by your dream interpretation. Are you saying that simply signing up for 0bamacare is "taking the mark of the beast," or are you saying that accepting an RFID chip implant is taking the mark of the beast?

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