GROCERY HAUL | Favorite Healthy Food

Grocery Haul! Healthy Foods! … well mostly…mostly ; ) I have been wanting to film more food related videos & my new set up totally makes this possible – leave me your requests & thumbs up if you like the idea of healthy food demos/snack ideas etc : D

Hope You Enjoys this somewhat random video haha

xo’s Tati

PS What’s your current favorite “healthy junk food”

~ Products Mentioned ~
UDI’s “Gluten Free” Pepperoni Pizza
Kettle “Organic” Potato Chips – Sea Salt (Favorite)
Mamma Chia – Kiwi Lime (My Favorite)
Almond Breeze Vanilla Almond Coconut
Mezzetta Habanero Hot Sauce
Amy’s “Gluten Free” Burrito
Suja Cold Pressed Juice – Glow (My Favorite)
UDI’s “Gluten Free” Snicker Doodle Cookies
Mamma Chia Squeeze – Green Magic & Strawberry Banana (Favorites)
Stevia in the Raw
MRM All Natural Egg White Protein – Chocolate


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19 thoughts on “GROCERY HAUL | Favorite Healthy Food

  1. I don't know how I am just now finding your channel, but I love it!!! Could you please do some more healthy food/living/fitness videos. Thank so much for posing!!!

  2. I am watching this now almost 3 months later but… OMG you look sooooo beautiful in this video :o

  3. I just started using frozen berries instead of fresh berries with ice. It's so convenient, and I never have to worry about the fruit going bad before I get to it =]

  4. just saying, amy's may be gluten and often dairy free, but there's usually a TON of sodium in the products. i've stopped getting them because of so, i bloat up like a blimp.

    also i get the same symptoms with too much dairy. apparently some studies show that dairy helps acne grow 😀 i cut most of it out of my diet (except like coffee creamer) and my acne has reduced nearly in half. when i drink a lot of milk or eat a lot of cheese/yogurt etc, my face is a solar system.

  5. How do you find the right amount of stevia to use? I have heard that you have to use the RIGHT amount or it tastes bitter?

  6. I bought some Mamma Chia products after watching your video and LOVE them! Trying to build healthier eating habits so this video helped me.

  7. Living in north Dakota we don't have whole foods that makes me sad. You did however had some items that my grocery store sells believe it or not. So I know what I'll be trying.

  8. Somehow lately I've gotten into a glass of buttermilk on ice. It's probiotic, hydrating, I love it before bed. It's also had most of the lactose removed. Plus I've heard it's a good beauty toner or bath treatment. I did a buttermilk + manuka honey bath the other night that really helped my skin out.

  9. California people eat very healthy. I was born there but live in NJ now and the food is very different as Whole Foods is not around in many places. I have never even been in a Whole Foods store.

  10. Lol yeah taco bell isnt real mexican food…ooh but a vid with recipes inspired by mex food …like "cal-mex" fresh would be nice to see!! (California mexican lol)

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