My Japanese Diet Tips 健康 ダイエット 食生活【バレリーナが教えるシリーズ】

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My Japanese Diet Tips

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20 thoughts on “My Japanese Diet Tips 健康 ダイエット 食生活【バレリーナが教えるシリーズ】

  1. I must say I'm really glad I came across your channel! So far all of your advice has been helpful and your videos are sweet and inspiring ^_^ The only thing I might add in regards to this particular video though is that in some women(especially teen girls), soy milk can introduce a lot of risks for a hormone imbalance – but it differs case to case so it really isn't a huge thing ^u^ Thanks so much for making videos!

  2. great video. I want to learn how to make my own soups bc the canned versions have too much salt.

  3. i nees to find a Japanese supermarket so i can make this right away … thank you so much for the tips , i am actually going to start following along with your exercises since they seem fun and easy
    and quick question , do you think i can have any negative effects because of my young age ? I'm 15 years old .

  4. 1 year ago why would I need to watch a skin care video my skin has no spots Or rashes whatsoever 1 year later I wonder where I can find that skin care video

  5. Thanks a lot for your help and can you give me a advice it happens to me all the time when I feel bored I start eating a lot and I know I'm not hungry could you help me guys ?

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