My Summer Fitness Routine! Dance With Me! Healthy Donuts Recipe!

– Today I’m showing you guys my super intense fitness routine! haha OK maybe not…lol Thumbs up this video is you want more dancing!
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If you end up doing our dance, film it and send us clips on Instagram or Twitter!!! I WANNA SEE YOU GUYS DANCEEE!!!!

As usual THANK YOU Shayna and Dan for helping me with this video! I LOVE YOU BOTHHHH!


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HEY GUYS! I put so much work into todays video and I hope you love it and it makes you smile and dance and sweat a little;) haha Today I show you my summer fitness routine 2015 …. I’m showing you some easy workouts at home , and really easy workouts for lazy people . hahaha I also show you guys an easy donuts recipe that I hope you love! YUM… and last but not least we’re going to dance in the video =) Today hopefully you can learn a dance routine step by step and walk away feeling ready to be on dancing with the stars… hahahah ENJOY GUYS! SEE YOU NEXT WEEK & IN THE COMMENTS!


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  1. hi NikkiPhillippi can u give me the GANG website link…….cause I didn't find it when I searched about it

  2. love your website ???????????? how can users send in a blog post for the site I'd love to

  3. Hi everyone I recently uploaded my favorite workout routines and would love if you guys checked my video out ????

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