Oats Recipe for Weight Loss – Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe | Porridge

Oats Recipe for Weight Loss. Learn how to make Oatmeal more Healthy, Nutritious and Fibrous. Oatmeal Diet will help burn fat, lose weight quickly and control blood sugar levels. Replace your Meal with this Power Packed Oats and the Results will be Guaranteed.

P.S. People on diet, the ones trying to lose weight or following as this as a part of meal plan, may add a tsp of sugar or honey or no sugar depending on your taste also the portion to be consumed is half of what is shown or 3 Tbsp.
Oats help control blood sugar in diabetics. Diabetics may have this without sugar or honey for better results.


20 thoughts on “Oats Recipe for Weight Loss – Healthy Oatmeal Breakfast Recipe | Porridge

  1. I have a recipe! I am doing the 10 day/10 kg diet with the eggs, apples and oatmeal. After the 3rd day I decided to vary the recipe a little so I can change flavors here and there. Also, I change between rolled(regular) oats and steel-cut (meaning chopped and grainy) oats and I don't add any sugar in this recipe because the coconut milk and a tiny bit of coconut oil have a slight sweetness.

    5 tbs oats
    1/2 c water
    1/2 c coconut milk (box-for lighter texture, lower calorie or can-for more sweet coconut flavor and silky texture)
    1 tsp almond butter
    1/2 (or less) tsp coconut oil
    1/4-1/2 tsp (depending on taste) of matcha (green tea) powder

    The taste is very smooth, rich and nutty and goes surprisingly well with the coconut and matcha flavor. Just something to change things up a bit when you need it. I think it is nutritionally similar or even slightly more rich (in minerals). Hope you approve of the recipe Vicky!
    P.S. The diet is going great for me. Thank you!

  2. What els can I use instead prune?? My country doesn't have .so sad???? reply me please!! Thank you

  3. one more question how long does it take to cook oats according to Ur recipe? plz reply ASAP. Yesterday i hv started ur 10 days diet plan

  4. vicky! i hv one question plz reply back dat can i do 10 days diet wid dis oatmeal for 20 days to looze more weight? i m one kilo down in one day thanx a lot for sharing n helping. may Allah bless you

  5. Hi Vicky…

    i just started your 10days plan… for the oats… can i add whole milk and a little coconut oil…thats how i always had my oats…ill be skipping the prunes and the sugar…

  6. Could someone tell me … she says this is 2 x portions.. meaning.. we should only eat 1 portion for a meal… so the recipe… is HALF of what she's preparing … I've written to Versatile Vicky.. but she doesn't answer .. thanks …. This is my 2nd day .. (and i thought we should eat as the recipe Juelexi … has given to us below…. thanks Juelexi… ) .. but it's a lot to eat .. feel sick afterwards.. so maybe only half of it?

  7. Hi Vicky .. I started this diet today … can you tell me .. this is it .. for the whole 10 days? .. No CHANGE .. ? .. Thank you for your feedback …

  8. hey vicky! instead of honey can I use agave syrup and instead of skim milk can I use almond milk? thank you x

  9. I would use stevia and I would add it after I've made the oats. Yum looks delicious. I have steel cut oats.

  10. dont skip meals what is the meaning for we can eat our lunch as a regularly please suggest me and what is that black long thing that you have put in oats meal

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